50 Places to Have Sex Before You Die

50. On a hovercraft.

Bonus Points: If you’re not wearing a lifevest.

49. In the parking garage at the airport.

Bonus Points: If it’s someone else’s car.

48. With the woman of your dreams out in London as she screams.


47. In public at Gathering of the Juggalos.


46. In Zilker Park during the ACL Festival.


45. On a parade float while it’s in motion.


44. On a bear rug in front of a fireplace.


43. On a pile of money.


42. In an igloo.



40. In a pool of Jello.


39. In a tiger cage.

Bonus Points: If the tiger treats you as its master afterwards.

38. In a coffin.

Bonus Points: If it’s in a cemetery.

37. On a glacier.

Bonus Points: If you melt it with your body heat and hot, hot sex.

36. On a pirate ship.

Bonus Points: If they toss their gold at you for a job well done.

35. On the Aztec ruins in front of the gods.

Bonus Points: If you get struck by lightening during the act.

34. In a bouncy house.

Bonus Points: If you pop the damn thing.

33. In the cockpit of an arcade flying game.

Bonus Points: If you win more then ten tickets. Now that’s multitasking!

32. In a shootout with the police after robbing a bank.

Bonus Points: If they arrest the wrong person in all of the confusion.

31. In the Gobi Desert.

Bonus Points: If you don’t die of dehydration.

30. On a horse.

Bonus Points: If you do it bareback.

29. In Wyoming while shepherding.

Bonus Points: If you can also get the sheep to do this. 

28. In a vintage car on a sinking ship.

Bonus Points: If it’s with Kate Winslet.

27. On someone else’s kitchen counter.

Bonus Points: If you get three or more food items involved.

26. In the midst of a civil war.

Bonus Points: If they call a truce after witnessing your beautiful, tender act on the battlefield.

25. On a ferris wheel.

Bonus Points: If you last more than three full rotations.

24. Underwater in the ocean.

Bonus Points: If you’re in scuba gear.

23. In the endzone of your favorite team’s stadium.

Bonus Points: If you do a flamboyant victory dance after.

22. In a VW bug.

Bonus Points: If you create a new position called the punchbuggy.

21. At your enemy’s wedding.

Bonus Points: If it’s with the bride-just kidding!

20. On the Chuckie Cheese stage.

Bonus Points: If you get hired to for a birthday party after your performance.

19. While inside a barrel going over Niagra Falls.

Bonus Points: If you make it onto a postcard.

18. On a boat.

Bonus Points: If it’s during a hurricane and/or in a maelstrom.

17. In your office.

Bonus Points: If it’s on the boss’ desk.

16. In the movies.

Bonus Points: If it’s a PG movie. (We kid, we kid.)

15. In a dune buggy.

Bonus Points: If it’s in motion. Look ma, no hands!

14. On an airplane.

Bonus Points: You get the stewardess in on it.

13. On a ski-lift or gondola.

Bonus Points: If your performance is featured on the X-games.

12. On a cop car.

Bonus Points: If the cop is still inside.

11. Inside In-N-Out Burger.

Bonus Points: If a patron congratulates you for doing it “animal style.”

10. In CBGB’s bathroom (especially considering it’s now a John Varvatos).

Bonus Points: If you’re rewarded with a free wardrobe for life.

9. On the Great Wall of China.

Bonus Points: If your lovemaking session is captured on Google Earth.

8. On the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

Bonus Points: If you can convince a tourist to take your picture while you’re at it.

7. In your high school cafeteria.

Bonus Points: If you convince her to wear a hairnet during the act.

In a treehouse.

Bonus Points: If you built it yourself. For this specfic reason

5. In a NYC taxi.

Bonus Points: The driver tells you to keep the tip. You’ve given him more than enough.

4. In space.

Bonus Points: If it doesn’t kill you.

3. On it’s a Small World in Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida.

Bonus Points: If you last the entire 10 minutes and 30 seconds of the ride…without getting arrested.

2. On your parents’ bed.

Bonus Points: If they’re still in the house.

1. In the Oval Office.

Bonus Points: If you’re awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom. (You thought we were going to say “if a cigar is involved,” didn’t you?)




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