What is CannaSOS?

Have you ever posted something related to marijuana and got banned or shunned by a social network or online community? Are you looking for a welcoming social heaven where you can share your cannabis interests with other like-minded individuals?

At CannaSOS, we hope to change the way cannabis enthusiasts interact with their peers and businesses. We provide users like you with a social platform where they can mingle and build connections, find and share marijuana-related information, search and review cannabis strains, and connect to 420-related businesses nearby and worldwide.

We don’t judge. We encourage. On the CannaSOS platform, you can share your interests with the world.

6 Reasons to Join the CannaSOS Network

A Social Platform for the Cannabis World

1. A Social Platform for the Cannabis World

We are not a ‘niche’ website. CannaSOS is the new name on the block and has been designed for the cannabis community and medical marijuana industry.

Taking into account major social platforms with multimillion audiences, we’ve identified their shortcomings and strive to build a better place for all “420” users, business owners and cannabis growers.

No Restrictions
There are little to no restrictions on the content of your posts, group promotion or business pages. We guarantee 100% content coverage.

Engage with the Community
You can also build your personal feed by following other contributors, cannabis experts, 420 businesses, and marijuana producers. Get active within the community by sharing links, videos and photos with your friends or other followers.

Send Direct Messages
CannaSOS makes it easy to communicate with peers, marijuana experts, dispensaries, medical doctors, and producers via direct messages. No more emails, just a simple chat!

Search Over 4,700+ Strains and Counting

2. Search Over 4,700+ Strains and Counting

Our strains database stands out from other ‘just for fun’ search engines as it contains complex search parameters for each individual strain of marijuana.

This feature generates customized strain information, making it easy to find the right medicinal strain for your specific needs. You can even look up cannabis strains for pets and farm animals.

Search strains based on various criteria:

  • Category (such as indica, sativa and hybrid);
  • Positive or negative effects (such as creativity or couch lock to name a few);
  • Flavors (pineapple, skunk, blueberry, kush and many more);
  • Over 100 medical conditions;
  • Preferred consumption time;
  • Gender and age;
  • Zodiac preference.

3. Read Reviews on Cannabis Strains

Not sure what strain is right for you? Check our user reviews of each cannabis strain based on its effect accuracy, strength, duration and pleasantness. The strain data displayed is based on information provided by real users, presented as a concise consumer report. Please note that CannaSOS is not responsible for the accuracy of information displayed.

4. Your Voice Matters. Publish on a Self-Regulating System for Marijuana News

CannaSOS is a user-generated content website – we trust our users to decide if content is interesting and valuable and whether it should be displayed on the site.

The way it works is simple:

  1. Submit a publication related to marijuana news, treatment success stories, articles about legalization of cannabis or educational posts about benefits of marijuana, etc.
  2. Participate in discussions and review posts created by other users.
  3. UP-vote or DOWN-vote any piece of content on the site. Voting for marijuana news, cannabis related stories, kush strain reviews, and health-related articles demonstrates the quality of the content and its relevance. This helps to filter out poorly written, non-informative posts.
  4. Post questions and seek answers from peers, medical professionals, business owners, and 420 activists via our Q&A portal.

Your Voice Matters. Publish on a Self-Regulating System for Marijuana News

Your Medical Marijuana Companion on the Go

5. Your Medical Marijuana Companion on the Go

Staying in touch with your cannabis community has never been easier. We designed an easy to use free Android app to smooth your experience while on the run.

All CannaSOS features are available right at your fingertips. Stay tuned for our iOS app.

Get Rewarded with our Perk$coin Program

6. Get Rewarded with our Perk$coin Program

CannaSOS has a highly effective voting system which allows users to express their opinion anonymously through UP-votes or DOWN-votes. Instead of getting a rating counter, our contribution system allows users to earn Perk$coins for social participation and exchange them for goods and services.

Publishing better content and being active socially will allow you to establish yourself as a medical cannabis expert, accumulate more reward points and apply them to a variety of products and site services. Get more information on Perk$coin.

Our team

Who We Are

We strongly believe that medicinal cannabis can drastically improve the quality of life and overall well-being of an individual.

Under medical supervision, and through daily use, medicinal marijuana can increase the effectiveness of conventional treatment by relieving pain, discomfort and other symptoms associated with many illnesses and health disorders.

The mission of our social communication platform is to:

  • Unite marijuana users and 420 activists worldwide;
  • Provide comprehensive cannabis strains statistics and peer reviews;
  • Share news, treatment success stories, and medical breakthroughs;
  • Provide information about medical marijuana legalization;
  • Connect users, doctors, marijuana dispensaries, cannabis growers, and other 420 related merchants.
Join the Community!

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