How To Re-Moisten Dry Weed

5 Ways Re-Moisten Dried Out Weed


5 Ways Re-Moisten Dried Out Weed

October 11, 2017

At one point or another you probably ended up with some weed that was too dry to handle. Dry weed can be great for joints and blunts, but if you prefer to smoke out of glass, you know that dry crumbly weed just doesn’t cut it.

The good news is we’ve got a number of tips to help you re-moisten dry weed.

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Re-Moisten Trick #1Orange Peel – The most popular method people use to re-moisten dry weed is to add an orange peel to their storage container. To begin, you should try to keep your weed in Tupperware or glass containers – not a Ziploc bag. Add an orange peel to the container, the size of the peel should be determined by the amount of weed you are trying to re-moisten. After a few hours open the container and remove the peels. Dry weed is notorious for losing its’ flavor, but adding the orange peel will add some flavor to your weed. Be sure that you do not leave the peels for too long, you do not want to add too much moisture because mold will start to grow.

Re-Moisten Trick #2: Lettuce – If you do not want to add flavor, but still want to re-moisten dry weed, try using iceberg lettuce. The lettuce will provide moisture to the buds, but it does not contain the prevalent terpenes that orange peels do. Wrap the lettuce in paper towels before putting them in your container; this will keep your dry weed from sticking.

Re-Moisten Trick #3: Fresh Weed – Another method to re-moisten dry weed is to add a freshly picked marijuana bud to your container. Marijuana buds are very damp when they come off the stalk and they will share their moisture with their dry friends. This method will add a little bit of flavor to your dry weed as well, but the flavor will not take away from the marijuana like orange peels might.

Re-Moisten Trick #4: Humidipacks – Humidipacks come in a variety of different percentages. The generally accepted ideal humidity range for weed is 62%. Simply grab a 62% humidipak and put it in an air tight container and let it go to work!

Re-Moisten Trick #5: Bread – A slice of fresh bread contains a lot of moisture. If you add this to your bag the dry bud will quickly absorb the moisture.

So there you have it, 5 things you can try out if your weed ever gets to dry for your enjoyment!

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We’ve got a number of tips to help you re-moisten dry weed – check out the popular orange peel technique and others.


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